Frequently Asked Questions

Siteliner is a new free service provided by the creators of Copyscape, the web's most popular search engine for plagiarism and duplicate content. Copyscape checks for duplicate content between a single page and the entire web, but we received many requests for a tool that can detect duplicate content within one website only. And so Siteliner was born. While we were at it, we added a few more features – please let us know what else you'd like to see in Siteliner.

How does Siteliner work?

Simply enter your domain name, and Siteliner begins crawling your site by following internal links. It rapidly retrieves and analyzes your content, generating a live report as the crawl proceeds. For more information on how to interpret Siteliner results, please see the Siteliner Guide.

Why doesn't Siteliner analyze my whole site?

The free Siteliner service checks the 250 most prominent pages on your website, based on internal link structure. The Siteliner Premium service lets you analyze up to 30,000 pages, and allows you to save and review previous results. Signing up for Siteliner Premium is free.

How can I check my site again now?

The free Siteliner service allows each site to be checked once every 30 days. For more frequent checks, the Siteliner Premium service places no limits as to how often you check your site, and can check up to 30,000 pages. Signing up for Siteliner Premium is free.

How much does Siteliner Premium cost?

Each page scanned costs only 1c. Premium credits are purchased in advance by credit card or PayPal and can be bought as and when they are required. Signing up for Siteliner Premium is free.

Can I automatically query Siteliner Premium? (API)

Using the Siteliner Premium API, you can automatically query the Siteliner Premium service and receive results in JSON format. Each API request is billed in the same way as a search performed through the regular Siteliner Premium interface. Each API request that retrieves scan results costs 1c and can return up to 100 result rows. In order to use the API, simply sign up for Siteliner Premium, click on 'Premium API' in the 'Siteliner Premium' menu at the top, and then click on the 'Enable API Access' button. Complete instructions are provided on the page.

How long are my Siteliner results available online?

Summary reports (such as Site Results and Page Results) are available for 185 days after they are created. Other reports (such as highlighted broken links on a page, highlighted duplicate content on a page, and cached pages) are available for 60 days after they are created.

What does “Page Power” mean?

For each page in a Siteliner report, the Page Power value represents how prominently that page is linked from other prominent pages in your site. The values are normalized to a maximum of 100.

What does “Match Words” mean?

The number of words on the page that are also used on other pages of the site.maximum of 100.

What does “Match Percentage” mean?

These figures signify the amount of matching words and the comparative percentage match between the source and found URLs, . So, for example, if the source page has 200 words and the other URL it is being compared against has 50 identical words, then 'match words' = 50 and 'match percentage' = 25%.

What does “Match Pages” mean?

The number of pages on the site where the match words were found.

What does “Match Words (with common)” mean?

This denotes the amount of words contained in this particular web-page that have been identified as being common content.

Common content is automatically identified as the text from the regular menus, headers, footers that appear on a few pages and are therefore not part of the calculation when identifying duplicate content, which it essentially is.

What does “Match Percentage (with common)” mean?

This figure is calculated by dividing the amount of common content on this page with the amount of overall content located on this page, so of there are 200 words of text that have been identified as common content and there are 1000 words on this web-page, then there is a 20% match.

What does “Match Pages (with common)” mean?

This is referring to the other pages of all the scanned URLs that share the same common content that has been identified in this web-page.

How quickly does Siteliner crawl my site?

To ensure that it does not overload your site, Siteliner only requests 4 pages at any one time. This load is similar to that of a regular web browser retrieving a web page with embedded images, style sheets and scripts. For more information, please read about the Siteliner bot.

What SEO-related standards does Siteliner support?

Siteliner is designed to interpret your website in a similar way to search engine spiders. It understands the following SEO-related standards:

For more information on these, please see the Siteliner Guide. Anything else we should add? Please let us know.

How do I use Siteliner for pages that require a login?

Siteliner can only read pages that are publicly accessible on the web. If you would like Siteliner to access other pages, you should allow non logged-in requests from the Siteliner servers, which have IP addresses in the range

What if I have forgotten my username or password?

When you log in, click on 'I forgot my username or password' and enter your username or email address. A password reset link will be emailed to you, with instructions on how to proceed.

How do I change my password or email address?

Log in to your account, then click on 'User Settings' in the 'Siteliner Premium' menu. You can then click on 'Change Password' to change your password. You can also type in a new email address in the area provided, and click 'Save Changes'.

How do I print an invoice for my payments?

Click on 'View Payments' in the 'Siteliner Premium' menu of your account to see a list of all your payments. Then click on the invoice number next to the payment for which you would like an invoice. You may then print out the invoice shown.

What are the terms and conditions of use?

Click to see the official Terms and Conditions of Use. Siteliner's services are provided "as is" with no warranties whatsoever. Use of Siteliner is entirely at your own risk. Siteliner disclaims any and all warranties for all services and information provided by Siteliner.